AC Hauling is your local prompt and professional hauling service. We are licensed and insured. Our drivers and assistants are all covered on our commercial truck insurance and our workman's comp policy.

Additional Services

We are a Licensed and Insured General contractor specializing in home repair. We also modify landscapes, replace decks, repair wood or concrete steps and can discuss any work you would like performed. We service homes and business throughout Sonoma County and have currently serviced over 1,000 clients since 1994.


  • Construction Debris
  • Landscape Debris
  • Soil & Concrete Removal
  • Industrial Machinery Removal
  • Garage & Storage Cleanouts
  • Vehicle & Tire Removal
  • Tractor Services
  • Yard Clearing
  • Tree & Brush Removal
  • Agricultural Hauling
  • Shed & Outbuilding removal
  • Metal removal
  • Tire removal

We have accounts with many of the local debris bin providers. We recommend the use of these bins for larger clearing and removal projects. There are many items that are not appropriate for debris bins such as larger machinery and pallets. Please call us to discuss how we can help you.















To Order Services

26' Flatbed
12' Flatbed
with 13 yard box
8' Pick up Truck
with 7 yard box

To order services please call us and describe to us what you would like us to remove. This will help us determine the appropriate truck to send out to your location.

Debris Removal

Our debris removal service is most often charged "By the load and by the hour" which consists of a load charge plus the cost of disposal fees, and additional labor when it is required. The load charge will vary depending on travel distance to your site and whether we send one man or two. The load charge will often cover the first hour of labor for loading of the debris. Additional loading time is then charged at the labor rate of $50 per man per hour. We do offer some flat fee services.

Disposal Fees

In Sonoma County all disposal fees are based on weight. Since this can not be accurately determined by sight, we always request a separate check made out to "Sonoma County Refuse" in which to pay for the disposal fees. It is not until we unload and get back onto the county's scales that we know the actual disposal fees. We then can either call you with the total of the check or fax or mail you a copy of the disposal tag.


It will often cost more to remove a pile of debris that is in your rear yard than to remove a pile that is waiting in your driveway. So if it is possible, please stage your items for removal in one easy to access location. This will reduce your cost. Bagged items need to be viewed by our drivers for fluids and household chemicals. We can not accept any fluids or household chemicals but we can inform you of where when to dispose of these items.